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DATS Cost Management Quantity Surveyors is a professional Quantity Surveying Practice which provides a comprehensive and competitive Quantity Surveying, Construction Cost Consultancy and Estimating / Tendering Services to the Construction Industry. Our Quantity Surveyors firm is based in Manchester and provides services throughout both the UK and Ireland. Our firm employs a Chartered Quantity Surveyor who is available to work on clients projects.

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ListofQS Services

Although this is not an exhaustive list of DATS Cost Management Limited capabilities, we do hope that it highlights the importance of our services to any ongoing Project regardless of size, cost or complexity.

Bills of Quantities

DATS Quantity Surveyors provides a professional Bills of Quantities service which saves contractors and sub-contractors the high costs involved in employing a full time department to fulfill this work.

Budget Estimating & Cost Planning

DATS Quantity Surveyors provides a full system of budget estimating & cost planning. This controls expenditure, ensuring our clients receive better value-for-money in both design & construction, therefore project cost is kept within the agreed budget.

Contractor Selection

DATS can provide adequate and reliable services with regards to contractor selection and appointment for proposed construction works to ensure that the most relevant and suitable contractor is selected for the proposed contract taking into account certain selection criteria.

Cost Advice & Feasibility Studies

As Quantity Surveyors we are cost advisers and value consultants. We provide initial cost advice and feasibility studies which are essential during a project's inception.

Cost Control

Cost Control of a construction project starts at inception and ends with the agreement of the final account. DATS Quantity Surveyors control the costs during the pre-contract and post-contract stages of a project using various methods and techniques.

Estimating & Tendering

DATS Quantity Surveyors offers a full Estimating & Tendering service to clients, including Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors. Our coverage includes areas including residential, commercial, industrial, sports & recreation facilities, retail facilities and hotels etc.

Final Accounts

DATS Quantity Surveyors deals with the final account preparation, submission & subsequent agreement on behalf of consultants such as architects including both private and public sector clients.

Financial Statements

We produce regular Financial Statements which keep the client up to date with the estimated total final cost of the project. The report is generally in two parts, the first considers the current financial position regarding what has been spent, and the second the projected final cost of the project.


DATS Quantity Surveyors also provides procurement advice for your project. Whatever level of construction procurement is required DATS Quantity Surveyors have the knowledge and experience for a successful construction project.

Quantity Surveying & Estimating

DATS extensive range of Quantity Surveying & Estimating services for building a new house, refurbishing, renovating or extending your existing dwelling. Additionally, we can provide these services within commercial and retail, residential and other project types for our clients.

Tender & Contract Documentation

DATS Quantity Surveyors provides accurate and detailed tender documentation including Bills of Quantities for our clients, which provides a reliable basis on which to tender for proposed construction works. Upon contract agreement we will prepare and collate the necessary Contract Documentation and incorporate any agreed alterations that may have been made post-tender.


DATS Quantity Surveyors are experienced in dealing with variations and changes that may arise within construction contracts. We actively manage all variations and provide immediate measurement and valuation of any variations / additional works that may arise and report our findings. We consider each variation separately and their net values are then carried forward to a general summary.

Valuations of Work

The Quantity Surveying & Cost Management services provided by DATS on projects act as an essential cost management function, which ensures that the construction works completed on-site are accurately valued and costs are controlled. This ensures that the project is completed within the construction budget.

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DATS Cost Management Limited UK is a Quantity Surveying company in the UK created to suit the needs of Clients looking for help, assistance and advice understanding and interpreting construction costs and contractual arrangements associated with various forms of construction activities.

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